TLA History

The law firm was established by Mr Vanden Bogaerde and Mr Bolle in late 2012. From the very beginning they have been assisted by Ms Degryse and two administrative assistants, Ms Lindsay Verhaeghe and Mr Jonas Declercq.
The firm opted for an in-depth specialisation in transport law and logistics law as a basis for future growth.
This strategy proved to be successful, and Mr Schoofs joined the firm in mid-2013.
The firm has in the mean time developed into a major player on the transport market with clients from Belgium and abroad. The firm is also at the basis of CIRTLE, a dedicated network of European law firms specialised in transport law.

TLA Why call upon TLA lawyers?

> High quality thanks to in-depth specialisation
> Many years of experience, numerous publications
> The firm handles cases abroad itself (UK, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands,…)
> Good language skills
> Many fundamental and pioneering cases
> Thorough quality management
> Both proactive and reactive > Optimal accessibility

TLA Only your interests count

As a logistics entrepreneur, you expect a professional, efficient and result-oriented approach to your case.
A lawyer at TLA is a lawyer who is involved in your file, acts proactively, keeps you duly informed and always puts your interests first .
Your TLA lawyer discusses your possibilities openly and makes clear arrangements on fees.

TLA High quality

TLA stands for consistent high-quality service at reasonable and competitive rates. In addition, we strive for optimal accessibility to our clients.
Our Internet help desk is available on working days from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

In addition, we usually respond to your requests within the same day or by the next morning at the latest. This is what clearly distinguishes TLA from other law firms.
You can count on an easily accessible and enterprising lawyer who strives for results and cares about your interests.